PSA: SyncFusion

One of the big advantages we .NET developers have is the plethora of UI controls that are available to us. Granted that it seems that these controls, in general, rarely do everything we need them to, but most provide extensibility through XAML templates and styles and allow us to tweak them to our needs.

My favorite has always been SyncFusion, and I made use of it in my On In Ottawa Windows 8 app (shamelessly, I point out that this was an award winning app). I paid real cash money for the toolkit at the time, because the cost of the toolkit outweighed what I expected the cost would be to develop my own equivalent controls.

Recently, the folks at SyncFusion have made a free community license available, which contains a bewildering number of controls not just for UWP and WPF applications, but for other platforms such as Xamarin and JavaScript.

I’m currently making use of a number of the UWP controls in eclecdec, and am intending to make use of others in my day job.

While you’re bound to find a few rough edges (and I have), the support forum is second to none in terms of speed and thoroughness. I have nothing but praise for SyncFusion’s support, and it more than makes up for any bugs and minor holes in their controls.

Highly recommended for indy developers, as well as companies with less than $1M in revenue.

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