My first novel is now available for Kindle:

I elected to use KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to publish it for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I believe that it contributes to the democratization of writing/publishing and is therefore A Good Thing for Humanity.

I was surprised by how similar the KDP publishing process was to publishing an app to the App Store, Play Store or Windows Store, including the 72-hour review process. The other similarity was, amusingly, during my review processes: finding a typo is similar to finding a bug and I found myself unconsciously performing triage – like I would do with an application. The difference is, of course, you can triage a bug based on severity and likeliness of occurring, but in a book, it’s always going to occur, and a typo is serious because it tends to disrupt the reader’s immersion in the story. A fascinating observation about myself, if nothing else.

Another fascinating observation is how, as a Canadian, I seem to use a mishmash of US and UK spellings. I elected at the last moment to switch to all US spelling because, frankly, some of the UK spellings for words just look weird to me. And I’m not talking about colour vs. color.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, I wrote this novel almost in its entirety in the iOS version of our eclecdec application. I didn’t mention that the review was done with a system called SavvyDox, which greatly streamlined the process. Full disclosure, I work for that company and have written quite a bit of the system. I may be biased as a result.

If you’re inclined, have a read and post a review. It would be appreciated and, while all feedback is valuable, positive feedback is the most valuable of all

I intend to write my text book (cleverly entitled “Untitled Document”) in the Windows 10 UWP version of eclecdec. This will slow down both efforts, but hopefully will also end up with better quality for both the book and the app.



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