eclecdec beta

The *beta* version of eclecdec is now available in the Windows Store at this link:

It’s more or less a “closed” beta, in that it requires the above direct link to access it.

I expect bugs and crashes, so the usual caveats about beta version apply.  I don’t expect it to burst into flame  but, hey, you never know.

For anyone reading this and wondering what I’m talking about, here’s the Store blurb:

eclecdec is an index card based tool for creative writing, with the end goal of producing a Microsoft Word based manuscript


  • Compose your story as you have time, using a scene per card, and compile the cards into a docx file suitable for post-processing using Microsoft Word
  • Keep track of non-story information and reminders using different card types
  • Keep track of reminders and questions
  • Organize cards as you see fit, using a familiar folder structure
  • Include sketches either for your own planning use, or for inclusion within the story

eclecdec is distributed using a pay-it-forward model:

  • Write something and publish it out to the world
  • Support Indy Authors
  • Or both! 

Please provide feedback using the “Give Feedback” link in Settings

And thanks in advance for your support. Let’s get more people writing!

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