My Surface Go

I recently bit the bullet and bought a Surface Go.  For years (decades, now), I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mobile device, starting with the Apple Newton.  I have, sadly, never found it, but I’m forever hopeful.

Anyway, yeah, I bought a Surface Go.  Specifically, the 8GB RAM/128GB SSD version because, hey, I planned and continue to plan to install a lot of stuff on it, because it will be the perfect mobile device.  Right?

In terms of extra hardware, I bought the Alcantara keyboard (as an aside, having a backlit keyboard is pretty much essential if you’re writing whenever-and-wherever, as I recently found out), and a 128GB MicroSD card (see aforementioned “install a lot of stuff”).  As another side, before I forget, (at least some) games in the Windows Store allow you to install on a secondary drive – i.e. the MicroSD card.  Perfect, since games are notorious consumers of disk space.

The first thing I did was switch out of “S” mode.  I think S mode has some potential or, rather, will have some potential in the future when we see more Windows Store applications.  I am, of course, assuming we’ll see more Windows Store applications.  I’m looking at you, Amazon.  *Cough* Kindle *Cough*.

So, here’s what I’ve installed so far:

  • My own eclecdec Because my primary use of the Surface Go will be writing.  And I like eclecdec.  Obviously, it works well, being a non-resource intensive UWP application.
  • Office 365 desktop apps. Again, unsurprisingly, they work well.
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Git, Node, Yarn and Postman (via Chocolatey)
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Chrome
  • Spotify (The Surface Go’s sound is outstanding)
  • Kindle for desktop. Not a Store application, but it’s improved dramatically since I last used it.  At least now, you can swipe between pages.  Tip: by default, the page width is phone size.  You can change the width where you change the font and other reading settings.
  • Cuphead
  • Ubuntu (vis WSL)

So far, so good.  There’s been a lot of noise about the supposedly anemic processor in this thing, but I’m not seeing it with what I’m going.  My sense so far is to come in with realistic expectations and find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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