I recently updated eclecdec to, with these changes:


  • Add ability to create a new card from a selection, while editing a story card

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where suspending eclecdec while editing a new (unsaved) card can cause the card to be duplicated, resulting in two cards referencing the same content, and preventing deletion of one without deleting the content of both
  • Fix a bug where returning to a previously edited card correctly places the cursor where editing left off, but improperly selects text past the selection

What I’ve finding, as I write No Such Thing entirely in eclecdec, is that I’m finding the “gotchas” in work flow (yeah, okay, and the bugs too).  Specifically (and here’s the rub), my new preferred workflow which is:

Write, write write.  Resist editing as you write.  Get those words on the page.

I see this approach recommended a lot.  It definitely was not the approach I took with End Plan.  It seems to work well, although I may find out differently once all the words are there and it’s time for editing.

The point of this little story (aside from the fact that old men like to tell stories), is that I’m adding features that support this approach.  Which may make the app “opinionated”, which I’m kind of loath to do, but will do in the absence of feedback to the contrary.

The feature-add above is one of those opinionated features.  I’m madly touch typing and I make up a name or a location.  In order to keep track of them and “move on”, I can select the name or location and create a new Person or Location card from the select, basically forgetting about it until I (maybe) need to flesh out the character or location.

This is kind of different than what I did in End Plan, where I agonized over names and locations a priori, which slowed down my production of the story itself.  You can, of course, still do this in eclecdec, but I’m finding this tweak has improved my productivity – not immensely, but enough to be noticeable.

The next update is mostly bug fixes again, but I’m also working on workflow-streaming enhancements to card peek, which I’m hoping will improve cross referencing dramatically, and which I hope to have show up in the subsequent release.


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