Cracking Screens

I have never cracked the screen of any device I’ve ever owned (I did once drop an iPhone 6 Plus into an outhouse and had to fish it out, but that’s not quite the same).

Anyway, I cracked the screen of my shiny new Surface Go.  I know how I did it (something stupid), but I didn’t notice it for a couple of days.

Happily though, for some reason I’d bought the “Microsoft Complete for Surface” a week and a half ago.  Not sure why, since I never go for extended warranties.  But hey, my Surface told me (through the Message Center) that I should, so I did.  How’s that for blind obedience.

The warranty, happily, covers two accidental damage incidents.  I used one.  I am, of course, quite pleased that I obeyed the instructions above.

What’s interesting, though, is the packaging that the new Surface came in, and which I used to return the old one.  Well done, Microsoft, for the most minimal and clever packaging I’ve seen.

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