I’ve just submitted eclecdec 1.1.73 to the Store.  A couple of interesting things in this version:

Split screen peek cards

While I like the idea, when I’m writing, to be able to pull up other cards for reference.  What I found, though, was that I often had to flip back and forth between the reference card (in, effectively, a dialog), and the actual editor surface.

Enter split screen.  Peek cards now appear as a pane to the right of the editor (both sketch and rich text).  I’ve found this smooths out my workflow quite a bit.

You can still pop them out into a dialog and edit them, but for reference purposes, this seems to be the way to go.  As an aside, I was going to preclude the display of the current card in the split pane, but decided to allow it so that I could go and have a look at what I’d written minutes, hours or days before, as I was adding to the card.

Better On-Screen Keyboard Support

I noticed that bringing up the on-screen keyboard (in tablet mode, in other words) in the editor resulted in some awkward positioning of the UI.  More on the technical details later, but I think I’ve improved this behavior.  More work is probably required in other areas, but I think this is a reasonable start.  Now I can work in portrait mode (easily), which I find is a great way to do an editing pass.

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