eclecdec Windows

This update is now in the Windows Microsoft Store.


  • In order to help answer the age old question “What’s a better word for some_word ?”, eclecdec now uses the Datamuse cloud service to offer word suggestions. This is available by clicking on the “Better Words” ribbon button in the Story Card editor.
  • Add the ability to edit the current card title in the Story Card editor. This is available by clicking on the “Title” ribbon button.
  • Added the ability Story Cards to be treated as individual chapters titled with their title, rather than scenes with chapter titles based on folders. This is configurable in Settings.
  • Reorganized editor ribbon.
  • The current card title is displayed as the window title when editing a Story Card.


  • Improved selection in the editor. Selected text will remain visually selected when focus is changed. This is only fixed in the Windows 10 October 2018 update (1809).
  • Fixed a bug where project statistics could lump the word count for a day into the previous day’s count.
  • Minor wording fixes in project statistics display.

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