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This update is now in the Microsoft Store.


  • Add ability to use a cover image in the project picker, because visual inspiration improves productivity
  • Move some global settings to “per-project” settings
  • Add next/previous story card navigation controls in Editor to facilitate reviewing


  • Cards marked “done” will now appear in the card-peek lists in the Editor, with a “done” visual indicator

A couple of the features deserve some brief explanation.

One item that seems trivial but which has been “on the list” for a while is the ability to use images in the project picker:

I say it seems trivial but, you know, having my book cover staring at me (especially when it’s a really nice one like the one for No Such Thing) actually motivates me to write. YMMV, but hopefully you’ll find the same.

You can set the project’s image from the new Project Settings page:

The second feature is the next/previous story card navigation controls in the Editor.

Putting the words on paper, as it were, is only one part of the task (and often not the most time consuming one). I was looking for a way to make it easier to page through Story Cards in the order they appear in the story (in other words, following the order in to and out of folders, for example). A way to read and make edits without having to bounce out to the card grid.

I’m finding this helpful, especially using something like Surface to do the review in portrait mode. Still more work to do to further streamline the review process, but it so far it seems like a good start.

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