eclecdec Windows

This version is now in the Microsoft Store.

The primary (really, the only) goal of this version is to minimize the opportunity for data loss. Out of a years worth of use (by myself and others), I finally got that email that developers dread: data loss.

eclecdec stores projects in zip files (a la Word, Excel and PowerPoint). it’s a neat and tidy way to organize a set of files (metadata and content, to be precise) into a single package that you can easily move around.

But, as they say, “sh*t happens”. It could be a power loss, it could be a bug in the OS or in one of the myriad frameworks that we all use, it could be a bad sector on disk, or a cosmic ray or…even a bug in the app which, of course, is highly unlikely.

Regardless, data protection (or rather, mitigating the potential for data loss), is pretty critical. eclecdec already had a form of that with the ability to backup/restore/sync. But what if you don’t use these things, as so many of us don’t.

The solution, for eclecdec, was somewhat aggressive. I haven’t noticed any performance effects myself, and I write every day in it (and, just BTW, have never experienced any of the above problems).

Basically, whenever you open the project’s zip file, and before the open actually happens, eclecdec now examines the existing file for integrity. If it is ok, that file is saved. Effectively, eclecdec now keeps a rolling backup of “the last good file”. Kind of like Word does.

In the event that a project zip file has become corrupted for some reason, opening the project will substitute the last “backed up” version. This is different than backup/restore/sync since it happens behind the scenes. And doesn’t require explicit user action.

I think (and hope) that this aggressive tact prevents any more of the emails that I dread. Still, please, back up your data.