I recently updated eclecdec to, with these changes:


  • Add ability to create a new card from a selection, while editing a story card

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where suspending eclecdec while editing a new (unsaved) card can cause the card to be duplicated, resulting in two cards referencing the same content, and preventing deletion of one without deleting the content of both
  • Fix a bug where returning to a previously edited card correctly places the cursor where editing left off, but improperly selects text past the selection

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What I’ve Been Up To

(Besides, of course, getting and setting up a Surface Go)

It’s an astounding (to me) observation about procrastination (except that it usually wins) that I ended up not posting anything for a year.  How time flies when you start a new job, then an old-new job, and then get busy with pressing work around the house.


The sequel to End Plan (with the incredibly creative working title of ‘End Plan 2’) sits at about 8,000 words, or roughly 12% of the manuscript.  While I don’t have “writer’s block”, whatever that is, I do find myself “phoning it in”, so to speak.  In other words, I haven’t built up enough internal dramatic tension to be able to relay that to paper.  Which means, re-reading it, that it seems kind of bland and matter of fact, and I’m not happy with it.  So I’m shelving it (to be clear, not dropping it) until I have some more passion available.
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My Surface Go

I recently bit the bullet and bought a Surface Go.  For years (decades, now), I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mobile device, starting with the Apple Newton.  I have, sadly, never found it, but I’m forever hopeful.

Anyway, yeah, I bought a Surface Go.  Specifically, the 8GB RAM/128GB SSD version because, hey, I planned and continue to plan to install a lot of stuff on it, because it will be the perfect mobile device.  Right?
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End Plan Backstory – Part 2

In our last episode, we’d just boarded the ferry from North Sydney, NS to Port aux Basques, NL. To jog your memory, this is a seven-hour trip, which we elected to do overnight. Although the ferry is remarkably well appointed and comfortable, I elected to sleep on the floor in front of our seats. Hey, everyone else was doing it, so I just stretched out in a small nest of clothing. It was pretty painless for me. Mary, of course, had a worse time of it since she not only had to watch over a badly injured man, but the car deck was full of rowdy (and possibly infected) people who were desperately trying to make it to the upper levels.
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End Plan – About the Man and Why He Doesn’t Have a Name

I was going to wait until part 2 of the backstory before writing and posting this, but enough people have raised questions about “the man” that I thought it might be worth a separate post.

I met the man in Corner Brook, NL. Or at least, I met the person who inspired him. I was sitting outside the hotel on some concrete retaining wall doing what I do best (sitting and smoking), watching the traffic and happenings on the street, when an older (say, 40’s) man carrying a duffle bag walked by on the other side of the street. He spotted me, put down the duffle bag and walked across the street. He was neat and well-groomed and clean but, let’s say, a bit travelworn.

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End Plan Backstory – Part 1

Although almost no one has asked me about the backstory for End Plan, I thought I’d put it together anyway – mostly as notes to my future-self but, hey, just in case anyone was curious.

End Plan is an unabashedly Canadian novel. The places and people are as real (or in some cases as real-feeling) as I could get through travel, observation and conversation. Quite a lot of the time, it felt pretty real to me as I overlaid a vacation with a very thin layer of alternate reality.

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